Roundup of 40 Must-Know Stats About Ecommerce Videos

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Demand for ecommerce videos gains momentum. Here are 40 fresh video stats from the past year that highlight the importance of video for ecommerce.

Ecommerce videos drive traffic and purchases

1. It is estimated that in 2015, 204.2 million people in the US watched online video monthly via any type of device. This represents 78.6% of the US internet users. – eMarketer 

2. The amount of time online users spend watching videos has grown 38.5% in the past 2 years. – Nielsen

3. 64% of all internet traffic globally is videos, and it’s expected to grow to 69% by 2017. – KPCB

4. Videos generate on average 3 times as many monthly visitors as other content. – Buffer

5. Websites with video content enjoy 88% more time spent on pages by visitors. – Buffer

6. Having video content on pages can contribute to 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. – Buffer

7. After seeing an online video about a product, consumers are 46% more likely to search about this product online. – Buffer

8. Product videos increase the likelihood of purchases by 85%. – Buffer

9. When doing online shopping with video content, shoppers are 52% more confident in their purchases. – Buffer

10. Having videos on product pages increase visitor session duration 340%. – Goodvidio

11. Ecommerce videos contribute to 127% increase in pages visited per shopping session. – Goodvidio

Millennials are especially responsive to ecommerce videos

12. 4 in 5 millennial shoppers find online product videos helpful when researching future purchases. – Animoto 

13. 67% of millennials are certain they can find a video on YouTube about anything, including product video reviews.-  Think With Google

14. Millennials are 146% more likely to watch videos while shopping online than older generations of consumers. – Animoto 

15. Gen Y shoppers are 264% more likely to share product videos while doing online shopping. – Animoto

17. 3 quarters of millennials rely on online video when comparison shopping. – Animoto

18. 69% of millennial shoppers turn to online video content to research complementary products to add to their purchases. – Animoto

YouTube contributes to the demand for ecommerce videos

19. YouTube has a reach of 81.2% of Internet users in the US. – comScore 

20. 55% of all keyword searches on Google in the US return at least one video result, and 82% of those results lead to YouTube. In comparison, 40% of results lead to images, 16% to shopping and 13% to news. – Reelseo

21. Brand-created videos make up 17% of YouTube content, as opposed to user-generated content, which represents 32% of the top videos on YouTube. – Reelseo

22. How-to videos are one of the most popular content types on YouTube. There are more than 135 million how-to videos on YouTube, many of which focus on products. – YouTube 

23. More than 100 million hours of how-to videos have been watched so far this year in the US. Searches for this type of videos grow 70% year-over-year. – Think With Google 

24. Beauty is one of the largest content pools on YouTube, with over 5 billion hours of beauty how-to tutorials, product review videos, and hauls uploaded in the past 10 years. – YouTube Trends

25. Beauty videos attracts over 582 million views across top 100 channels on YouTube. – Digiday

26. YouTube enjoys 50% year-over-year growth in watch time, especially among 18-49-year-old segment. – Think With Google 

27. 76% of millennials use YouTube to follow companies, as opposed to 47%  and 42% who follow companies on Twitter and Instagram. –  Animoto

28. Millennials are also the largest audience for YouTube: 31.8 million of online users in 18-24 age segment in the US spent on average 10 hours, 15 min on YouTube. – Digiday

29. YouTube gave birth to the so-called Gen C, consisting of video creators, curators and influencers. 76% of Gen C visit YouTube weekly and 36% daily. – Reelseo 

31. Gen C consumers  are 1.8 times more likely to be influencers and advise others on purchases.- Reelseo 

32. Men are more into YouTube than female online users. Men spend 44% more time on YouTube monthly than women, and account for the majority of views in 90% of the content categories. Meanwhile, 65.5% of female online users in the US visit YouTube at least weekly. – eMarketer 

Ecommerce videos are important for mobile shoppers

34. Video viewers list YouTube as their #1 destination for finding videos about products or brands. – Think With Google

35. Mobile video viewers are 1.2 times more likely to think more highly of companies that offer product videos on their pages.- Think With Google

36. 50% of global YoutTube viewership comes from mobile devices. – Think With Google 

37. Millennials who use mobile devices to watch online video are 2.3 times likely to go to YouTube first for content. – Adwords Agency

38. By 2019, 72% of mobile traffic will be online video content. – Cisco 

3934% of all video plays in the last quarter of 2014 were on tablets and smartphones.- Ooyala

40. Tablet users are more likely to watch online videos longer than 10 minutes. On the other hand, 54% of mobile users watch video content that is less than 10 minutes long. – Ooyala

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