How Makeup Brands Use Beauty Videos In Ecommerce

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When it comes to beauty products, it’s all about the color, texture, smell, and the sensation on the skin to make shoppers crave new potions and lotions. But how do you create the same craving in ecommerce? Here’s how beauty videos help create a desire to buy makeup and cosmetics online.

The online sales in the beauty vertical are worth about $3 billion in the US alone. Even though the demand for beauty products is growing, ecommerce still represents only about 5% of the total sales in the beauty sector. So how do brands and retailers attract, engage, convert, and retain beauty shoppers online?

It’s all about the power of visualization. If the seller can make consumers visualize how a cream, spray, or shadow will look on them, they will win a share of their wallet. We talked about the importance of visual commerce before. It’s time to see how it applies in the beauty market.

Here are a few examples and best practices of how leading makeup brands use beauty videos to sell more online.


1. Collaborate with YouTube Influencers on Beauty Videos

Beauty is big on YouTube. Beauty videos with makeup tips or product demos, generate over 700 million views on YouTube every month. Over 65% of search results for beauty products and brands belong to the influential beauty vloggers.

Influencer marketing is on the rise, and almost 60% of beauty brands now collaborate with influencers to help consumers discover new beauty products and brands. So how does this look in practice?

Let’s take Benefit Cosmetics, for example. Its YouTube channel attracts over 100,000 subscribers and over 17 million views, featuring over 180 beauty videos.  A large portion of these videos are made in collaboration with influential beauty bloggers and YouTube creators.

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Benefit also uses some of these beauty videos directly on its ecommerce site. The videos show shoppers what makes each product unique and worth buying. These videos are a powerful testimony to brand’s quality, innovativeness, and originality. They help shoppers understand better the potential of each product to transform their appearance.


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Similar strategy is also followed by online beauty retailers, such as  Sephora. The retailer uses videos made by influential YouTube beauty vloggers on its product pages. It shows how multi-brand beauty retailers can use beauty videos to highlight the uniqueness of each brand and promote online sales.

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2. Use How-to Videos to Showcase Product’s Full Power

If you start browsing ecommerce beauty sites, you’ll notice many of them use how-to videos. Usually you’ll see these types of beauty videos on individual product detail pages. In some cases, they also have a designated “corner” on ecommerce sites for shoppers who want to learn more how to make the most out of their new beauty purchases.

How-to videos make perfect sense for the online sales of beauty products. They’re some of the most popular types of beauty videos online. They’re extremely useful in demonstrating how to apply, test, combine, style, and create different look. This helps shoppers understand the versatility of each shadow, bronzer, or pencil, and promotes cross-selling.

For instance, Lancome’s US ecommerce site features a designated page with a collection of how-to videos. It offers tutorials on how to apply makeup and tips about skincare. These beauty videos are made by brand’s professional makeup artists as well as by famous YouTube beauty vloggers such as Lisa Eldridge and Michelle Phan. Visitors can play with the menu and choose to watch videos based on the type of tips they need or the video creator they prefer.


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This gives them plenty of options to discover and explore new products and to engage with the site in-depth.

When a video is played, the products used in the video are listed on the side,  featuring hard-to-miss “shop now” button. This way it’s easy for visitors to buy products without having to leave the page or pause the video. A smart and effective way to use videos to boost conversions!

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3. Unboxing Videos Create Excitement for New Beauty Products

Unboxing videos have taken YouTube by a storm. There are over 20 million searches for unboxing videos, which grow 57% annually. Unboxing videos essentially show  how people unwrap their latest purchases in front of the camera and react to the products in their hands. Beauty is not immune to the unboxing craze. 66% of beauty shoppers say unboxing videos help them visualize products they consider buying.

Term “beauty unboxing” gives over 1.8 million video results on YouTube. Here’s how popular brands are cashing in on this beauty video trend.

For example, Glossybox features an “Unboxing” segment on its site. Videos give consumers a taste of what’s featured in the subscription box of the latest month. This helps create excitement for the products and encourages visitors to subscribe to their offers.

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Beauty Box 5 follows similar approach. It features unboxing video on its home page made by one of the brand’s devoted followers and a YouTube beauty guru. It’a a hard evidence that people like this subscription beauty box and are recommending it to others.


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4. User-generated Videos Give Social Proof

When it comes to beauty, 95.4% of beauty videos on YouTube actually fall into the category of user-generated content.

Consumer-made product videos give shoppers a very candid account of the experiences and are perceived as highly trustworthy. UGC can boost conversion rates 1.6 times for beauty products sold online.


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For shoppers, UGC videos offer a social proof of product quality and a testimony that it’s a worthwhile purchase. For beauty brands selling online, UGC videos offer an opportunity to engage visitors with an authentic storytelling that drives purchase intent.

Below is an example of an online makeup store that uses user-generated videos on its site. UGC videos add an instant incentive for shoppers to engage with a product page deeper and to discover more about the product.



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What’s important to remember about UGC videos is that content curation is the key. There are so many beauty videos out there which are of great and not-so-great quality. It’s essential to have a clear idea of what kind of videos you would like to recommend the shoppers to watch on your site so as to get to know the product better.


Final Thoughts

These are some of the examples how makeup brands use beauty videos in ecommerce. This list is not definite, of course, as there are dozens of other ways brands can use videos to grow online sales.

Find out how videos can help grow your ecommerce sales here.

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